Friday, January 17, 2014

Double Date: A 100 Word Story

Here's another drabble from 2011.  This originally appeared at

I hesitate sharing my older published works here, because I'm egotistical enough to believe my writing has drastically improved since then.  Still, they're fun and they provide a quick blog post.

There's a much better story here then the one I wrote.  At the time, I felt beholden to fitting everything into 100 words.  (I love 100 word stories.)  Maybe someday I'll revisit this concept, and look for the actual story instead of looking just for the joke.

Double Date
By Scott D. Hughey

I share bodies with my disembodied twin brother. Usually I’m in control, except when my pulse races. We shouldn’t date, but Julie Valentine was worth trying.

Things went well until we kissed. “I had a great time Trevor,” she said, leaning across the couch. I tried to kiss her but he finished the deed.

“Call me Nate.”

Julie giggled, thinking it a game. Now we’re all going steady. She thinks of Nate as my wild side. Maybe he is. All I know is I’ve never been kissed. Without practice, I’d probably stink at it. Better Nate than Trevor, I suppose.

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