Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa and Other Truths: 100 Word Story

Just in time for Christmas, here is another 100 word story I write a few years back.  I’m just egotistical enough to continue implying that the writing has improved since then.  This one still makes me smile though. I hope you enjoy.

Santa and other Truths

Dear Santa,

I didn’t do it.  Okay, I did but let me explain.  You’ll understand.

I pulled my sister’s hair and she cried.  That’s bad, even if she had it coming to her (which she did.)  She said the Tooth Fairy’s fake and that’s a lie.  I know Santa, cause I lost a tooth and she gave me a quarter.

Sister says you’re not real either, that Mommy and Daddy just trick us.  That’s when I punched her.  They wouldn’t lie.  I believe and I’ve been good.



I’ve got your back, even if you did kiss mommy.

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