Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1st Person, Present Tense

Something I intended to mention in last night's post:

The story I finished wasn't working.  I told it told in 1st person from a child's point of view, but the voice didn't ring true.  I read through the beginning trying to figure out the problem.  It occurred to me that present tense would bring the immediacy needed.

I rewrote, and fortunately most of the lines only needed minor changes.  From there the story finished itself in one writing session.

The part that amazes me is I usually don't like present tense, and I've never written in it before.  I've read some great stories written that way, but more often I find the present tense jarring and distracting.

It's not a technique I plan to employ much, but I'm glad I tried it

Side Note: It took three times reading through the manuscript to rid it of all the past tense verbs.  That doesn't include the initial change from past to present.

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