Saturday, November 16, 2013

Newton's 2 laws of writing

I'm sure the following insight is not unique.  For that reason, I'm blogging it without checking google.  I'd hate to come across it elsewhere and not be able to claim originality.

And yes, I'm aware that Newton had three laws of motion.  Furthermore, I'm aware that my two rules here comprise only the first law of motion.  Every illustration has to break down at some point.  This one just breaks down quicker than most.


  1. Writers in motion tend to stay in motion
  2. Writers at rest tend to stay at rest
There is inertia in writing.  If writing is hard then starting to write is harder.  Once you're doing it though, it's easier to continue.  That's why I make sure I start another scene or story in each writing session.

I suppose you could add a third law

3. Writers who never write are not writers.

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