Thursday, November 14, 2013

Find the cracks

Who has time for writing stories?

I have a full time and a part time job, not counting the writing.  I have a family.  Like everyone else I have a multitude of things that demand my time.  They suck it dry like some kind of time-vampire.  So who has time?

I do, because you know what else I have?

15 minutes here.
10 minutes there.
An hour lunch.  A break.
Whatever it takes.

Time adds up.  Sure, I could use it to catch up on the Netflix queue.  And sometimes I have to use it to tuck my girls into bed or memorize something for my next drama performance.  There are other times that are so easy to waste.  Those moments add up.

150 words here.
100 there.
400.  50.
Pretty soon that's 1000 words.  Then it's a short story.  A novella.  And so on.

Find the cracks.  Write.

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