Saturday, November 9, 2013

Moving forward strategy

There's no way to credit the people I stole this advice from.  Portions of this advice have been given in nearly every writing magazine, book and interview I've stumbled across.

Some of this feels original to me but that's just not true.

  • Set a daily minimum for time spent written
  • Set a weekly minimum for words written
  • Keep editing and rewrites to a minimum until the first draft is completed
  • Rewrite and then submit for publication
  • Never end a writing session at the end of a scene.  If the scene has ended, start a new one before getting up.  If the story is finished, start a new story.
That last point is one of the best pieces of advice for me, and I so wish I knew where I heard it first.  It has made sitting down and working... not easy, but much easier.

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