Tuesday, May 6, 2014

24: Day 9- Live Another Day 11:00 - Noon - 1:00 pm

We interrupt your normally scheduled writing blog to bring you- my impressions of 24: Live Another Day. This is the first and second hour.

Warning: I'll do my best to keep them limited, but there will be spoilers. Update: By the 19:54 mark, I pretty much gave up on not including spoilers.

0:27- I'm having a hard time breathing. Jack Bauer isn't on the screen, but 24 is!!! I'm dancing on the inside. I'd dance on the outside too, but the restraining order is pretty specific.

1:01- It's Sarah Walker from Chuck! Ok, I found out just yesterday that Yvonne Strahovski played a CIA agent in this season. Good thing too, or the surprise would have been too much. As it is, I'm doing my best to refrain from Chuck references. Maybe they should call this episode Sarah vs the Raging Force of Nature that is Jack Bauer.

3:44- JACK! Guess who's back? Back again? Jack is back. Tell a friend.

6:32- The following takes place between 11:05 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. Are they going to say "Events occur in real time" too? I love it when they say that.

6:37- Yes! He said it! Also, at this point I realize that my use of the streaming video clock for my time is not going to be accurate once we get past the first commercial. I shouldn't have to do math while watching 24. In fact, I'm not. After all, it's not 6:37 in 24 time is it? It'd be 11:06 and 37 seconds. So there. I'm using my video player's clock.

7:10- James Heller is president? Great call, but that spells trouble for Jack. I'd diverge into a writing post at this point, but then I'd have to stop watching.

8:28- Don't worry Mr. President. I couldn't remember your name either until I looked it up online.

Commercial Break 

14:59- Heh. He looks like Milo

16:30- Sarah is... I mean Kate is being set up as a sympathetic and smart hero. So obviously, that means I'm suspecting her of being a double agent. Thanks Nina. You ruined it for everyone.

17:25- Sorry Kate. It's "by whom," not "by who." What are you trying to pull here?

19:54- Oh man. Jack's not going to take that well. Unless.... I assumed he was trying to stop an assassination attempt, but maybe he's there to rescue Chloe?

Commercial Break 

23:01- Of course there's an alternative.

23:51- "As long as she lives, she'll never hear the name 'Jack Bauer.'" Pfft.

26:56- I knew I would like Kate. She's a younger, cuter, female Jack. Sort of.

28:33- This guy is either incompetent, or he's helping Jack.

Commercial Break 

29:10- I said that Kate was like a young Jack. If I really believed that, I'd have seen this coming. Of course she wouldn't go quietly.

31:10- I love it when Jack is in control. And Jack is always in control.

35:50- How is it that we got this far into the episode before a single explosion? It's like they're not even trying anymore. Bam!

35:55- Wow. How did he know? Hmm. Actually, at first I was super impressed, but now that I've typed it- how did he know where to have the accomplice fire the explosion? I guess that's where he was planning to escape anyway. It's mighty convenient. I'll let it slide once, because as I said, Jack's always in control. But you only get one of those.

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41:00- Letting Chloe try to get somewhere on her own is going to up the drama, but it feels reckless.

43:10- I love the way the hours end. Always have. Always will. Even if it stretches my suspension of disbelief that you can have a super dramatic moment at the end of every hour.

End Hour 1 - Commercial Break 

44:13- Chloe is wandering the streets of London. If Chloe were still working for the government, she could track herself using surveillance video and traffic cams. Doesn't London have traffic cams? She really should have stayed with Jack.

47:59- "He broke you out? That's impossible."
"Not for him."

48:50ish- Okay. Now I don't have as much problem with Jack letting her roam the streets looking for a safe place. I guess he really doesn't have any friends.

49:45- I love it. Back in time 19:54... I was right on both counts. Either they're transparent, or I've watched way too much 24 in my life. Or maybe, that's not an "or" statement.

51:54- You can tell these are bad guys because they're listening to rap music.

Commercial Break 

59:58- Jack says this is bigger than Heller. And of course it is. Can't wait to see how big the stakes get.

1:00:38- Come on Chloe. Do you really believe that?

1:01:42 Chloe: "I think you should talk to someone in the government." Yeah. I do too. But then, Jack is almost always right. The saying, "You don't know Jack" literally means, "You don't know how to get everything right 99.9% of the time."

1:02:22- Okay. Prediction. Yates is going to target the hacker organization with the military drones. You heard it here first. Well, unless I'm right and you watched the episode already.

Commercial Break 

1:04:35- I've always liked Heller's character. It feels like he's mistaken here. I hope I'm mistaken too. I'm not though, so good job on the creators of 24 for building the drama.

1:08:53- Wow. This was a quick segment.

Commercial Break 

1:11:31- Great scene. This is the best scene without Jack so far. (Every scene with Jack is the best scene.) You could cut the tension with a harsh comment.

1:12:37- OF COURSE she can cut off the feed to the camera in the rear. It's like you haven't known her for 6 other seasons now. Oh wait, I get it. It's exposition. Okay, carry on.

1:13:35- Hang in there man. *snicker*

1:14:57- Jack, making a deal: "Not for his life. For your's." This is going to be one of those classic Bauer moments.

1:17:50- Great. Now he's going to be wounded for the rest of the day. Come on! How do you wound a force of nature?

Commercial Break 

1:19:45- Doh! Older Jack -  1. Younger & Cuter Female Jack - 0

1:20:12- That was weird. Of course, in London, the traffic and steering wheels are on the wrong side. But telling Chloe to "move over" while running towards what felt like the passenger side disoriented me.

1:20:17- Sorry Mr. CIA guy who just yelled, "We got a man down!" Kate is CLEARLY a woman. Don't they give vision tests to field agents?

1:20:42- Oh good. It just grazed him. He won't be wounded for the rest of the day.

Overall impression: I love that 24 is back.
Snarky comment: Sure. Blame the black guy.

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