Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1st Quarter 2014 Writers of the Future Initial Results

1st Quarter 2014 Writers of the Future Initial Results

Here's the list of Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions for the 1st Quarter WOTF contest. Quick math with tell you that there were 116 honorable mentions (minus any that requested their name not be listed, or who didn't respond.)

Anybody who can't stand math can skip the next two paragraphs, but you'll still have to count to two.

I wish I knew how many people entered the contest, but those numbers aren't reported. However, I've read that somewhere between 5% to 15% of the entries receive HMs depending on (wait for it) how many good stories they receive.

Using the 116 HMs and the 5% number, that works out to 2320 entries. The number of HMs is probably higher, which would bring the number of entries higher. The percentage is probably higher too, which lowers the actual number of entries. Nevertheless, I'm confident in saying that thousands of people entered the contest, so being one of 115 HMs isn't too shabby. It's a start, at least. I'm aiming higher though.

Anyway, those of you who are DYING to see my name on the list (like I was) will find it 56 names down on the HM list.

Those who can't be bothered to look it up can see copied and pasted here:
Scott Hughey of North Carolina

I aim to please. Well, I aim to please myself, if nothing else.

The happiness of receiving the HM has faded, and I've gone back to concentrating on improving my craft. In fact, just this week I finished my entry for the 2nd quarter. It's vastly improved over the previous entry. Of course, writers are the worst judges of their own work, so what do I know?

Okay. Back to the novel. And maybe another short story or three.

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