Friday, April 11, 2014

The Write kind of Puns

Sometimes I amuse myself on Twitter so much, I have to share the results here. Today, it was all about writing puns and jokes:


  • I read about a troll living under an overpass. There was no overpass though. The book was abridged.

  • Reading high-fantasy can be hobbit forming.
  • Thinking of writing a romance novel. The leads will rendezvous privately in an unexpected plot tryst.
  • I couldn't see my character's motivation in my first draft. That's why I needed to do a revision.
  • Thought I had a great story idea: a mermaid who lived in a pond. Turns out the plot was a bit shallow.
  • I read a story about an 8 foot tall man who meets a real giant. Talk about a tall tale!
  • Her poetry was so horrible, the judge made her read it out loud to herself. After all, the punishment should fit the rhyme.
  • Did you hear about the two writers on their honeymoon? They spent a lot of time in metaphorplay.
  • I'm writing my next novel in my friend's basement. He has the best cellar.
  • The writer was convicted of plagiarism. His sentence was to hand write "War and Peace." Talk about Carpal Punishment!
  • I'm always freezing at my writing desk. Probably because there's so many drafts.
  • I bet Charles Dickens had an interesting spice rack in his kitchen. He had the best of thymes and the worst of thymes.
  • My first short story was about a woman who maintained a small garden. Too bad it didn't have much of a plot.
  • When I write longhand, I get #writers cramp. It's a bad case of authoritis.
  • Did you hear about the backwards #poet? She wrote inverse.

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