Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Journey Into Publication

Well, isn't this exciting?

My first professionally sold story was released yesterday. It's the tale of a man who finds out his future and past are linked, and he's not at all happy about it. You can read His Father's Eyes for free at TGeneDavis.com

In addition to that, I also released a collection of short stories yesterday, available digitally through Amazon and in print through CreateSpace. This collection ranges from light fantasy to dark science fiction.  

Digital: $2.99 (Free to Kindle Unlimited Users)

And, finally, I created an Author's Page on Amazon. Among other things, it's supposed to link to this blog. It gave me a chance to write a new BIO, which I've included below. The address is easy to remember too: www.amazon.com/author/thewritescott

Scott Hughey was born young, and has done everything within his control to remain that way.

His fiction has won two honorable mention awards during 2014 in the Writer's of the Future Contest. And yes, he double-checked. "Two" counts as multiple. He has also sold fiction to T. Gene Davis' Speculative blog, and ghost-written multiple non-fiction articles on the internet. That's no mean feat for someone who, strictly speaking, doesn't believe in ghosts.

Scott is an IT professional. You could change that today by purchasing a million copies of his work.

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